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11 October 2006 @ 01:56 am
So I cut off most of my hair today. I had been growing it out since last january and I got sick of it. I have shaved the sides down and left about 3 or so inches on top. Then I frosted it with purple. Agh kitten trying to help type. He wants to go to bed. Well too bad I'm writing

I was crappily tired today. Skipped my last class and went home and fell asleep. Was in a horrible mood all night. Probably need to just get laid. I came home and masturbated for a while before crashing. Can't wait to get some privacy back.

I miss SoliderBoy. It's a little over 2 months since he got shipped out. I find it to be utterly depressing how much I ache with him gone. He wasn't even mine and all I can do is think about him at times. I'm a little screwy.

Need to get a job. Money is gonna get tight here soon. I'll call the agency again in the morning and look into the hospital. I hate working hospitals though. The damn things remind me of SoliderBoy every other second. But then again like everything under the sun reminds me of him. Heh guess spending almost every day with someone for over a year will make you a little well distacted shall we say. My god the damned kitten smells. Damn he's too cute to kick out of bed. Grrr.

Ended up cutting most of my hair by myself. Not easy. One of my housemates (CombatMommy) was supposed to help me but she got distracted coddling two of the male housemates. It got right on my nerves and hurt a bit. I feel kind of bad when it seems like just because I'm not sleeping with you, my needs aren't important enough for you to stop talking for two damned seconds and help me cut my hair. But I mean on the other hand it was a favor I asked of her. I wouldn't be so bad if it was something she was always damned well doing. GameBoy is the worst about this crap. He is one of the most whingy, mopey, motherfuckers out there. Don't get me wrong I really like him but lately he hzs been driving me fuck spare. He has been lying to CombatMommy about really stupid crap lately. In perticular money. I mean come on. I mean it isn't like we aren't going to find this out. If you say "Yes I have the rent" and then you don't, pretty easy to see the lie there. So that has been putting alot of tension on everyone, especially CombatMommy who has enough as is. I just don't quite understand what the hell GameBoy is expecting to happen. I mean he keeps fucking up in the same damned ways and I don't care how long he lived day to day. He isn't anymore and it is time to change. And honestly that crap is besides the point. If you love CombatMommy as much as you say you do, then why in budda's name are you being such a cum guzzling cock bite?

Oh well rant aside I guess I should go to bed. Today was a 5 on the day-o-meter. No one died, but I got damned aggrivated by everything.
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Crystal Cracked
10 October 2006 @ 02:07 am

So I wanted to add this journal to a random blogging site my housemate, MusicMan, is on. He came home from work and I asked him the name of it and he told me. Did I write it down? Nooooo of course not. That wuld have made bloody sense. So I have spent the past little while lookin for the damned link. Grr. Crap. Maybe I can go post in my main journal and beg the link off him again. Ugh I'm a moron.

Jebus a few hours later and I have found the damn engine. God I feel stupid.
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Crystal Cracked
10 October 2006 @ 01:50 am
Since this is in someways an "uber" secret journal I suppose I really need to put up a little background on myself.

First the basics:

I'm in my mid 20's and living in the northeast. I'm going to college and shall be finished with a degree by the end of next semester (I hope). One cat claims me as her own, her name is Kitty M on the journal. I am single at present, bisexual, female, and poly. My political leanings are basically non-existent (ie I don't pay politics much mind). I have a warped sense of humor and a taste for the finer things in life. I live with a few other people. I'll have to post a key or something just so I can keep all the damned code names separate lol.

Second the whys:

Well if you read my profile then you have some idea of why I'm doing this. I have at present alot going on in my life and today during a discussion with Violet she mentioned how she had a separate journal that no one knew about where she could go off and write about things she didn't want to keep on her main journal. She keeps this separate journal on private. I liked this idea in part. I like the idea of having somewhere to write whatever I want but I also want it to be open and readable by others if they happen to wander by. I'm probably a bit of an attention whore in that respect. But where she uses hers (I'm guessing) to put all the nasty and not so nasty thoughts, that isn't quite why I have this one. Honestly if I wanted to just write nasty things I'd make a private LJ entry on my main journal and that would be that and sometimes I do. But honestly I want to have the ability to write whatever I feel about some subjects that bother me and have there be a chance that someone could run across it and read it.

Beyond that I want to have the option to write whatever I feel and not worry about hurting people. No one who knows m in real life should know about this journal. And honestly if you do know me in real life and you run across this journal I hope you will look away or at least remember I'm not doing this to start fights or end them. I'm doing this because it is something I want to try out for myself.

Third what to expect:

As far as what to expect, I can only give you an idea. I will talk about things here that I talk about no where else. I will be as honest and open as I feel like and I will pull no punches. Most of what goes on here will be personal. Much of it may not be nice. But all of it will be real. I am an adult and I tend to swear and curse alot, if this bothers you go elsewhere. I am not doing this in some strange twisted urge to be catty about people. In my life I tend to be very blunt and honest, I don't do that whole talk abut people behind their backs thing. In fact, I despise such nonsense.

My spelling and grammar are my own. You will always find me readable though sometimes I tend to phrase things oddly and ignore grammatical rules. I write pretty much how I speak and that's a bit strange. I'll try and run a spell check before posting but it isn't a priority

I will be graphic in my descriptions if I feel like it. If this offends you, don't read. I welcome intelligent discussion and open exchange. If you want to rant at me I'll probably ignore you.

Sometimes I'll will whinge on for days about a certain subject. I'm not into teenangst but alot of why I'm starting this journal is because I can't talk about certain subjects with my friends anymore. Not because they'd not listen and let me, but because I don't want to keep bitching about it to them. I do not have a girlfriend-type (nonsexual) who I can moan and cry on. It lessens me I think, so I started this.

On the other hand I will strive to not just come here and post about the crap in my life. I'm a fairly happy person and most things are going well for me. You'll see that to.

So that concludes my first post. I hope this makes sense to you. Please say hi if you drop in. LOL That's half of why I'm writing this.

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